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The Spritz-OM development team is based in Perth, Western Australia at the Telethon Kids Institute. The team is led by Associate Professor Lea-Ann Kirkham, a research microbiologist and co-inventor of Spritz-OM. Paediatric Immunologist Professor Peter Richmond is co-inventor of Spritz-OM and clinical advisor on the team, providing expert guidance in product development for clinical trials. A/Prof Alma Fulurija provides extensive biotech and commercialisation expertise, guiding the path to market for this exciting discovery. The team are currently manufacturing clinical grade product suitable for human use and raising funds for a Phase 1 trial.

The team was one of 9 finalists on the 2023 CSIRO ON Accelerate program – a national accelerator program designed to launch research-driven companies into market.

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For more information on Spritz-OM, including opportunities for investment please contact the team:




For more information on Spritz-OM, including opportunities for investment, please contact the team at