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Dr Ruth Thornton - 2016 Young Tall Poppy Science Award

The Young Tall Poppy Science Awards recognise the achievements of outstanding young researchers in the sciences including technology, engineering, mathematics and medical research.

These prestigious awards uniquely acknowledge the recipients' research achievements alongside their capacity and commitment to communicate science and its significance to the broader community. Awardees go on to demonstrate their value as role models by promoting and encouraging an interest and engagement in science within the education and community sectors through Tall Poppy Campaign initiatives.

Dr Thornton's research focuses on improving treatment and developing preventative strategies for chronic ear and lung diseases in children. 

Dr Lea-Ann Kirkham - Australian Early & Mid Career Researchers (EMCR) Forum: Science Pathways 2013: Engaging EMCRs with industry and innovation, Melbourne October 17-18.

Dr Kirkham was awarded sponsorship by the Telethon Kids Institute to attend the second national meeting of the Australian Early & Mid Career Researchers (EMCR) Forum: Science Pathways 2013: Engaging EMCRs with industry and innovation, held in Melbourne on October 17-18.

This meeting provided attendees with real-world skills and know-how to engage with industry and apply a more innovative approach to their research.

Dr Ruth Thornton - 2013 Fresh Science National Finalist

Following 5 state finals Dr Thornton was selected from 58 young scientists and 15 journalists as one of 12 Fresh Science finalists.

Dr Thornton will join the other 11 from these state finals in Melbourne from 22-25 July for a further 4 days training in how to communicate their science to the public, government, industry, business and schools at the Fresh Science national final.

Dr Ruth Thornton - 2013 Allegra Scafidas Development Award

The Allegra Scafidas Development Award gave Dr Thornton the opportunity to attend and present at the 7th Extraordinary International Symposium on Recent Advances in Otitis Media in Stockholm, Sweden, 12-16 June 2013.

Dr Thornton presented preliminary data for the study entitled: Dissolving the glue in glue ear: Assessment of the use of Dornase alfa as an adjunct therapy to ventilation tube insertion. Pneumococcal and nontypeable H. influenzae protein specific antibody data in Indigenous and non-Indigenous children with recurrent acute otitis media.

Dr Ruth Thornton (centre) with parents of Allegra Scafidas, Nhon Vo and Elias Scafidas.

Dr Lea-Ann Kirkham - 2012 WA Young Tall Poppy Science Award

Dr Lea-Ann Kirkham received the prestigious 2012 WA Young Tall Poppy Award in a ceremony held on the 15th November 2012.

This award recognises Dr Kirkham's research achievements into the causes of bacterial respiratory infections and development of affordable vaccines, in addition to her commitment to communicating science and its significance to the community.

Dr Kirkham (centre) was presented the award by Winthrop Professor Ian Puddy  (Dean of Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry) and Professor Josephine Ward (Chair of WA Tall Poppy Science Awards Committee and Dean of Faculty of Science at Curtin University of Technology).

For more about the Young Tall Poppy Science awards go to