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Addressing social marketing from a local community perspective

A working group is being established to address social marketing from a local community perspective.

The group will be tasked with developing a model of how we can better engage and empower local communities to improve community understanding of ear health and what the implications of poor ear health are across a life span.

Improving monitoring and evaluation of ear health programs

In June 2015 a working group was established to develop a WA Ear Health Strategy which aims to provide a clear framework that supports government and non-government agencies to work collaboratively to better deliver evidence-based, sustainable ear health services to WA children.

Members include West Australian Country Health Services (WACHS), Rural Health West, Community and Child Health, Child and Adolescent Health Service (CACH), Aboriginal Health Council of WA (AHCWA), Dept. of Health - Aboriginal Affairs and the Telethon Kids Institute.

Kalgoorlie Otitis Media Research Project

Otitis media (OM, middle ear infection) can seriously affect childhood development, school performance and subsequent social and economic well-being.

The Kalgoorlie Otitis Media Research Project was established in 1999 to investigate the causal pathways to OM and, specifically, to identify demographic, socio-economic, environmental, microbiological and immunological risk factors for OM in Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal children in order to develop appropriate interventions.